sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009

lifetime dakinis

The literal translation of Dakini is "Sky Dancer". The Western
form for Dakinis are Angels. If you believe in or have curiosity
about Angels, well Dakinis immediately follow. The Western idea
of an Angel being a beautiful celestial being who flies in the sky
and who sometimes comes to earth to provide inspiration and support
to us mortals is very similar to the Dakinis. Sky Dancers help us through vision and inspiration. But although we can be greatly inspired by a Dakini (another word is Muse) they will only come back if we put into action what they have shown us.

Thus there are worldy Dakinis who are malicious and use their powers
to confuse us, to arouse passions that are destructive, and who use
their charms for their own selfish purposes. Dakinis can manifest on
earth in human form or take birth as a human. These are then called
"worldly Dakinis" and I'm sure you've met at least one or two in your
lifetime. Women (or men) who seem to be able to simply will things
into being. People who are so charming that they seduce whatever they want from the world and enjoy it fully, yet also remain somewhat disattached from the results.

Dakinis are tricky, capricious, and unpredictable. We're in
trouble when the Dakini disrupts our mind with magic, breaks
our habitual thought patterns with the miraculous, or simply
opens our hearts with mad adoration. Messengers between our
earthly realm and the higher realms of the teachers, they help
to bring the powerful teachings to earth, protect the truth from
destructive forces, and bring blessings to sincere seekers. The
natural result is to fall in love with a Dakini or Angel. How can you
avoid falling in love with someone who inspires wild love and higher
meaning suffused with delight?

In that regard a Dakini's love is unserving and always compassionate.
It doesn't matter if we wait a few hours or a few lifetimes to put our
inspiration into action. Miracles occur but sometimes it takes years
to fully realize the implications. When we do realize or remember, our hearts open, and again the magic and majesty of the universe is open to us. The Dakinis celebrate the Truth and our resolve to work for it in a most extraordinary way. They dance in the sky.

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